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Mail Order Bride Sites - What Are They and Why to Use Them?

Mail Order Bride is a lady, advertising herself in a spousal agency to be chosen as a wife. These ladies come from many countries and express a desire to marry someone from a foreign country. In fact, they are looking for their own perfect partner from more advanced countries. Those days are gone when it was hard to find a soulmate. Everything became much easier thanks to the web.

Mail Order Bride is a lady aged 18 to thirty-five years old, from a good family and with good mental life goals. These brides could not find suitable gentlemen to get married in their own hometown or country and therefore found external support. Most of the sites for mail order bride require a detailed verification process for each lady who must provide a wide range of documents.

  • Valid identification;

  • Mental profile;

  • Cabinet consent for no charges (imprisonment and outstanding court hearings);

  • Current photo;

  • Telephone interview.

The verification process takes up to a month. There are no fake profiles at reliable sites.

What makes Russian wives so great? 

Russian ladies? Men from all over the world want to meet with them and marry them. On the international dating mail order bride website, you will find thousands of Russian beauties who are looking for their impeccable man – that is the perfect place to meet Russian women.

However, why do some men watch outside their own state and turn to the Russian Federation for their flawless marriage partner? Are they really so beautiful that no other lady can compare? Is there something more than just physical beauty? Keep reading to get answers to your questions and find out more about what a Russian lady is like.

Which Russian ladies do you like?

  1. Family-oriented: Eastern European ladies are usually extremely family-oriented. Most sexy Russian women are educated and often do have a good job, but the family is usually the number one value. In their culture, it is assumed that to be a successful lady is to be a spouse and mother. Some Russian singles feel inferior without their family.

  2. Mature and know how to keep the balance: hot Russian ladies are usually more mature than other ladies of the same age. This maturity is practiced in romantic relationships. Almost all the brides from the Russian Federation are often described as honest, peaceful and open who accept the truth and are not in a hurry to judge. A good combination to help maintain a happy relationship!

  3. Femininity. They say that they value their femininity and beauty, as well as the ability to give birth and raise children. Besides, Russian teen girls dress extremely feminine. Often you will find ladies dressed in skirts or dresses and high heels, unlike trousers and sneakers. Almost all men fall in love with this finest femininity.

  4. Attractiveness on a physical level: most Russian brides usually care about themselves, and maintaining physical beauty is part of their tradition. Fashion in the Russian Federation is a big thing, and ladies love to wear the latest trends. Brides in the Russian Federation are trying to look the best, regardless of the day or event.

  5. Smart and hardworking. Almost all Russian ladies are well-educated, communicative and smart. It is reported that above sixty percent of Russian citizens receive higher education, and above ninety percent of Russians you meet on the Web are most likely to have higher education. Hot Russian women also like to work and they are ambitious.

What role do Russian girls play in home life?

Family ties are usually extremely strong among Russian citizens, and most of the girls from an early age learn how to lead a home life. Almost everyone thinks that it is fundamental to respect their husbands and put their families in the first place and only then their careers.

The Russian bride is usually considered the housewife and mother of the children, and the man is the guardian and protector of the family. In some cases, after marriage, Russian wives do all the housework and love to care about children, but not they don’t want to feel like a hired maids and nannies. Western men married to Russians tend to agree that they really make great wives.

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How do we review Russian bride websites?

1. The first sign of a serious site is to protect the personal data of users

You should certainly study all the conditions of confidentiality and pay attention to the transfer of your personal data. The site we recommend should not disclose information about personality. Besides, unregistered users on the site are not allowed to view your page. It is known that a certain dependence of a page on a dating site and a page on social networks is clearly not in favor of those wishing to conduct an active search for their chosen ones. Therefore, personal data of customers should be under reliable protection from search engines.

2. The second sign of a reliable site is a free registration.

Reliable sites provide their customers with free registration. This is done to test the site by users. You must decide whether the site is suitable or not. It is known that free cheese happens only in a mousetrap, so you should be very careful when choosing a site with free registration. There are cases of page fraud. And we eliminate such sites from our top list.

3. The third feature is the scientific basis of the search for the bride

Specialists working on legitimate Russian dating sites have developed personality tests for their clients. Based on the results of these tests, an analysis is conducted on the mental compatibility of future partners. Choosing a partner, specialists, in addition to the external data of the applicant, consider the features of his character. This largely allows you to get away from disappointment in a future life together. Also, this testing helps eliminate customers whose goal is just casual dating.

4. The fourth sign of a reliable dating site is quality service and reviews.

Quality service has a huge impact on the quality of the page users of the site. A trusted site completely eliminates fake user pages that carry fake content. We carefully review the moderation of the site. We recommend only sites with ID authentication.

A reliable site does not contain candid photographs, as well as advertising products of a sexual nature. The most important criteria of a reliable site can be safely attributed to a professional support team that helps all customers solve many problems. Users can leave reuqests and questions on the site and they will be surely reviewed by specialists of the corresponding department. Users activity determines site service quality. The classy dating site offers an e-mail address to leave a feedback and a chat to solve the problems online.

5. The fifth sign of site reliability is its informative nature.

Such dating sites allow you to learn important information about the chosen one to create a strong and serious relationship. The site user can get reliable information about the features of the applicant’s behavior during conflicts, about the complex traits of his character, about his attitude to family life and to children.

If you are in an active search for a future chosen one, use the services of only reliable dating sites that we recommend.

How to Find A Wife There?

There are not even dozens — hundreds of dating platform sites. Some of them are very popular, almost a couple of hundred people are sitting on others. Just promoted sites are more promising for a successful acquaintance - a lot of users hang out on them, and the female audience, respectively, is large. Keep in mind that girls who want to meet on the Internet are always looking for information about their online friends. 

Reasonable, by the way, a precaution. Therefore, do not spam your profile on all possible and impossible dating sites - it is better to register only on one, a maximum of several of the most popular sites. So you will increase your chances of a successful girl search, and will not look in the eyes of those who are interested in you seriously, a frivolous hang.

Please note: If you place your profile on several sites, be sure to make sure that all the information on your pages is identical. Even a small inaccuracy made by mistake can scare the girl away.

We tell the main tips of how to get acquainted with a Russian bride:

  • When registering at Russian mail order wives service, be sure to post a photo. Often, users, to hide their appearance for fear of being recognized by someone they know, fill in “masked” photos, for example, in large sunglasses or from a perspective from which the face is not very visible. Remember that the complete absence of photos on the profile page is almost a zero opportunity to meet someone;

  • Only show your photos. Retouching and processing are acceptable, but to a minimal, very adequate extent. If you really want to meet a bride for serious relationship and marriage, rather than wasting time on casual dates, then don’t be afraid and feel free to post real photos in your profile. So, you can avoid awkward dates with girls who expected to see a completely different person at the meeting. Well, if real photos are published in your profile, then those girls who like your appearance will initially be interested and chat with you;

  • Provide more information about yourself. It may seem to you that few people are interested in your religion, favorite dish or attitude to alcohol, but the answers to all these questions will help your partner better understand you;

  • Additionally, write a brief about yourself. No need to use hackneyed phrases, verses, pathos quotes and profound speeches of the greats of this world. Be yourself, write about what you really like, what you are fond of, what music you listen to. This will also help women to understand if you have common topics for conversation at a meeting. This will help you avoid a lot of boring dates.

  • How to fill in the paragraph on why you are looking for a girl? The same principle applies here - always be honest. Many times more girls will respond to the phrase “I am looking for a girl for a serious relationship and marriage” than to the statement that you need a girlfriend for casual meetings. But if you write a lie here, then you will not get a response from those candidates that you need;

  • What to write in the section about who you are looking for? Set the bar of your requirements for girls, and continue to look for your Russian female. The main thing is not to be disappointed and believe.

These are not all the secrets of how to get a Russian bride - in addition to useful tips on filling out a profile on a dating site, there are many more points in communication that also need to be considered. 

How much money does it cost to get a Russian bride? 

If you think that you can simply pay a certain amount, and some ladies from the city of Moscow will be ready to fully devote themselves to you, then you are mistaken. Surely websites are offering for you such services but they are almost always scammers.

And also, human trafficking and slavery are illegal. The only websites you should spend your precious time on are mail order bride websites devoted to dating. Most of them are free for Russian brides who wish to find a husband through them. The same is not true for men seeking a wife. Expect a fee to be charged so you can send messages, photos, video chat, and more. 

What you should know is that men on these websites can find a lady worth marrying. They are not a guarantee that marriage will actually happen, because, as in the case of classic dating, you are expected to make some effort if you want to see results. Russian mail order brides cost starting from $4000. 

Are Russian brides legal?

Russian mail order bride service is 100% legal in the case of the woman above 18 years old and not married. If those both criteria are true, you can legally marry her. 

When you spend several months on the Internet resource, you can call yourself a professional in online text messages. You will feel rogues and bots at a glance. However, in order not to encounter this at the moment, we have several tips on how to choose legal services with real women. 

1. Old or new acc. Usually, scammers use one profile for one victim. Therefore, be careful with new profiles that are registered not so long ago.

2. Real photo. Firstly, if she has only a professional photo (usually they are of poor quality), take a closer look. However, this does not always apply to women from Russia; they are all so beautiful that they can apply any kind of image.

3. Live communication. Scammers are usually zealous to please you and praise themselves. However, they are not interested in you, and they coldly respond, even if they ask something about you.

Top Facts About Mail Order Brides

What is the mail order bride?

These Russian brides for marriage from all over the world who are looking for marriage partners having common interests and outlooks on life.

These damsels are adventurous, courageous are looking for like-minded people from other states. They will share their photos, personal and contact information on these dating websites, hoping to find a soulmate. 

Can you find foreign brides online?

Definitely yes, you can find real brides on websites. There are a large number of websites offering search of Russian bride services. Here is an in-depth understanding of how these websites work and what to avoid when searching on these websites.

Why did these ladies decide to become mail order brides?

Let’s analyze the different background of why these ladies decided to become mail order brides

  • Mail orders vary from all ages and social backgrounds. They can be young, entrepreneurial, single or divorced - there are many options;

  • These ladies, in fact, are unhappy with their own life at home, because they are seeking to discover foreign lands with new husband;

  • These are brave ladies who wish to become part of a new culture;

  • These Russian brides are looking for friends who can give them love, safety, and intimacy;

  • Ladies who want to put their personal profiles online, hoping to attract the attention of real men;

  • Ladies who wish to live better in a western country.

Many options

The process becomes easier and faster for the applicant when he enters the site, offering so many options. Using the usual scroll of the site, people can now access a large number of likely options.


The applicant needs to participate in online communication with his own possible wife. If there is some way to expand communication between them, this is even better, since it provides a certain degree of security to the whole experience. As they both find each other interesting, communicating together, being completely safe on the Web, they can even choose to reveal more information and discuss the topic of meeting together in person.

Free Vs Paid Membership

Most websites providing similar services give free registration. Intrigued men must pay nothing to sign up at the beginning. But some websites are charging a small fee for their services. However, some observers and experts in this field made recommendations so that sites offering paid participation, were much more authentic and had a guarantee of delivery which you can't find at completely free sites.


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